Q. WHAT ARE TREE BRAIDS?  Tree Braids are a wonderful alternative to"heavy" sew-ins & costly weaves. They allow access to your scalp & an opportunity for your hair to grow naturally and healthy. Tree Braids look like a head full of hair from the back with a bit of braid visible in the front.  They are very flexible; one can continue to work out, swim, wash, and wear hair in a ponytail or bun! A perfect solution for ladies transitioning from relaxer to natural!
Q. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO COMPLETE? Tree Braids generally takes only 2.5-3 hours, in most cases.
Q. WHAT IF I HAVE NATURAL HAIR? DO I NEED A RELAXER? 98% of my clients have natural hair and prefer TREE BRAIDS in order to keep their hair growing healthy. You do NOT need to relax OR color hair prior to appointment. Some people choose to flat iron the front edges prior to braids. However, that is a personal preference, NOT a requirement.
Q. WHERE CAN I GET MY TREE BRAIDS DONE?​ 1371 E. Gate Court, Atlanta GA. 30316 (off Moreland Ave. in the East Atlanta Village area). 
Q. HOW LONG DOES TREE BRAIDS LAST? Generally TREE BRAIDS lasts 4-6 weeks. Most clients get their hair re-done at 5-6 weeks. MICRO TREE BRAIDS can lasts 6-8 weeks and braids are practically invisible!
Q. HOW DO I CARE FOR MY TREE BRAIDS? Its a good idea to "section" hair into 3-5 individual plaits and "tie' hair down with scarf or hair bonnet.  You can then "finger-style" hair easily into place the following morning.  There is no need for oil sheens, or holding sprays as the hair maintains its own natural 'sheen". Mixing conditioner & water in spray bottle can also help preserve style.
Q. WHERE CAN I BUY HAIR? If you choose to purchase hair, theres a HUGE Beauty Supply store off CANDLER RD (CHAPEL BEAUTY) across from South Dekalb Mall on I-20...They have EVERYTHING here!​ 
In addition, and directly across the street, if you purchase hair here (BEAUTY LAND, 2752 CANDLER ROAD, DECATUR GA 30034)), theres an additional 10% discount on hair purchases.

 Just tell em' TORI sent you!

*Both stores are across the street from each other, however, the latter is bigger and may have more hair options!

Depends on what you're looking for.  Quality human hair lasts longest, has natural textures & is heat friendly.  However, if you factor in affordability, synthetic hair is an entirely viable option for those who find human hair too expensive.  Fortunately, todays version of synthetic hair has a unique mix with human hair that is undistinguishable to the touch.  Consider the upkeep, style, & price you're aiming for & see what works best for you!